Argyana’s product line is selected from natural fragrances. We strive to create beauty and care products that are close to nature.

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Argyana aims to be the catalyst in bringing positive change into the world by creating awareness of spending consciously on products that give back to society while ensuring that these products do not harm the animals and the environment.


Why Argyana?

Luxury beauty

Beauty & Fairness 

We are a US-based company that manufactures cruelty-free, socially relevant, and ecologically friendly products with the moral principles of fairness and honesty.

Argyana makes beauty products under the principle of contributing to the betterment of the world. We all want to look and feel good, and a large part of that emanates from within us.

Maisaa Nasser



Cool_items2 was founded in 2016 by

Maisaa Nasser with a simple idea,”ENHANSING THE BEAUTY NATURALY”. That women can save money, and time by Enhancing their beauty the natural way they want, without chemicals and additives in their products. From a humble start as a beauty advisor/ skin care specialist in a big makeup lines for 10+ years, and serving customers on their events building up my experience. Never been satisfied about what I am offering, knowing I can provide more. So I delegate my time in learning about old formulas and beauty secrets. Supporting that with switching my career to medical and pharmaceutical learning where I become a compounding personal. Learning about calculation, formulation, and stability. Loving what I am doing along with building my business and formulating my own skin care products from old beauty secrets passed on from generations.

2022 we become LLC, that was established in 2023 with Argyana registered brand. Taking our formula to the next level to work hand in hand with elite pharmacists, following the modern research, and testing the formulas in the most advanced American laboratory.

Start selling on eBay, and growing to Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and some of locally homeopathic pharmacies and stores. Argyana has built up a loyal customers locally and internationally.

At argyana you won’t find products filled with ingredients that you probably don’t want, nor know about. 


Everybody wants to look and feel good. But Argyana wants you to look and feel good and make the world better.

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